Candy That Starts With E: A Sweet Exploration

Introduction to Candy that Starts with E

Embark on a sweet journey through the alphabet with our exploration of Candy That Starts With E. This delightful adventure uncovers the hidden gems of the confectionery world, from the classic English Toffee to the exotic Elderberry Gummies. Join us as we delve into the flavors, histories, and unique characteristics of these enticing treats.

Candies, sweets, confectionaries, bonbons – these are terms that evoke the sweetest of memories and flavors. But when we think of candies, it’s often the popular ones like M&M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that come to mind. However, there’s a whole world of candy that starts with E, each with its unique taste and story.

Eclair Candies

Eclair candies, with their decadent chocolate and creamy fillings, have delighted sweet lovers worldwide. Originating from the skilled confectioners of Birmingham, England, these candies are a proud creation of the renowned Cadbury company, a name synonymous with quality chocolate.

Cadbury has broadened its Eclair range with diverse flavors to appeal to a wider audience. Some of the popular variations include:

Éclair Orange Twist:

A zesty orange flavor that adds a tangy twist to the classic Eclair.

Hazelnut Twist:

For nut lovers, this variant combines the classic Eclair taste with the rich, earthy flavor of hazelnuts.

Velvets Coffee:

A treat for coffee enthusiasts, where the traditional Eclair is infused with a subtle yet distinct coffee flavor.

Eclair candies are not just a sweet treat; they are a testament to the innovation and craftsmanship in candy making. They have transcended beyond being just a candy to becoming a cherished part of many people’s sweet memories.

Eclairs, a global favorite, are available worldwide, including in the US, Africa, Australia, and Asia, showcasing English confectionery excellence. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack, a dessert, or as a part of celebrations, Eclair candies continue to be a symbol of indulgence and joy, wrapped in a small, delightful package.

Just as candies like Eclairs bring a sweet delight, comfort foods such as the classic Velveeta Mac and Cheese also offer a sense of nostalgia and warmth, reminding us of the simple joys of flavorful treats.

Eggnog Truffles

As the holiday season approaches, one candy that embodies the spirit of festive indulgence is the Eggnog Truffle. These exquisite confections blend the rich, creamy flavors of traditional eggnog with the luxurious texture of truffles, creating a treat that is both comforting and elegant. Eggnog truffles are a creative culinary twist on classic holiday flavors, offering a delightful surprise to the palate.

For those who enjoy the flavors of the holidays and the richness of chocolate, Eggnog Truffles are a perfect confection. They embody the essence of Christmas in bite-sized form, adding cheer and sweetness to holiday occasions.

Edinburgh Rock

Edinburgh Rock, a classic Scottish confection, stands out in the world of candies for its distinctive texture and rich history. Unlike the hard, jaw-breaking traditional rock candy, Edinburgh Rock presents a softer, more crumbly version, making it a unique treat in the candy spectrum. This candy not only offers a taste of sweetness but also a piece of Scottish heritage.

Originating in the 19th century, Edinburgh Rock was created by Alexander Ferguson, known affectionately as “Sweetie Sandy.” Ferguson’s innovation led to a candy that was markedly different from the typical hard rock candies of the time. Edinburgh Rock is characterized by its:

Semi-hard, crumbly texture:

Unlike typical rock candies, Edinburgh Rock is known for its delightfully crumbly and almost melt-in-the-mouth consistency.

Fruity flavors:

These candies come in a variety of pastel hues, each representing a different fruit flavor. The subtle yet distinct flavors are a key part of their appeal.

Light, airy feel:

Despite its sweetness, Edinburgh Rock has a lightness to it, making it a less overwhelming treat compared to denser sweets.

The process of making Edinburgh Rock is a careful and skilled craft, involving the boiling of sugar with cream of tartar and then flavoring the mixture with various fruit essences. Once cooled, the candy is shaped into sticks and cut into bite-sized pieces. The final product is a range of beautifully colored candies, often found in souvenir shops throughout Scotland and beyond.

Edinburgh Rock is more than just a candy; it’s a nostalgic reminder of Scottish tradition. Its popularity has endured over the years, making it a beloved treat among both locals and tourists. The candy’s unique texture and variety of flavors make it a must-try for anyone exploring traditional Scottish sweets.

Learn more about the history of Scottish confectionery and its rich traditions.

Eye Poppers

In the diverse world of candies, Eye Poppers hold a special place for those who love a thrilling taste adventure. Known for their intense sourness, Eye Poppers are a bold choice in the candy aisle, offering a flavor experience that is as exciting as it is unique. These candies are a favorite among those who crave a tangy, zesty kick in their sweets.

Eye Poppers are often described as “mega sour bubble gums,” a fitting title for these power-packed treats. They are designed to deliver an initial shock of sourness, which gradually gives way to a sweet and fruity flavor. This combination of extreme sourness followed by sweetness makes Eye Poppers an exhilarating treat for the taste buds.

The key features of Eye Poppers include:

Intense Sour Flavor:

The initial sour blast is what sets Eye Poppers apart, making them a challenge even for the most seasoned sour candy enthusiasts.

Variety of Colors and Flavors:

These candies come in a range of colors, each corresponding to a different fruit flavor. The variety adds to the fun and unpredictability of the experience.

Bubble Gum Center:

After the sour coating dissolves, the candy reveals its bubble gum center, offering a lasting chewing experience.

Eye Poppers are produced by a Dutch company called Zed, which specializes in creating innovative and bold candy flavors. The brand has successfully captured the essence of a fun and daring candy experience, making Eye Poppers a popular choice among younger candy lovers and those who enjoy a playful and adventurous eating experience.

English Toffee

English Toffee is a classic confection that epitomizes the elegance and richness of traditional British sweets. Renowned for its buttery flavor and delightful crunch, English Toffee has become a beloved treat around the world, transcending its origins to become a symbol of confectionery craftsmanship.

At its core, English Toffee is a harmonious blend of simple ingredients that come together to create a complex and indulgent flavor. The key components of this candy include:

Rich Butter:

The foundation of English Toffee, lending it a creamy and luxurious taste.

Caramelized Sugar:

Providing the toffee with its characteristic sweetness and golden-brown color.

Roasted Nuts:

Often almonds or pecans, which are mixed in or sprinkled on top for an added crunch and nutty flavor.

Chocolate Coating:

Many variations of English Toffee are coated in a layer of chocolate, enhancing its richness.

The process of making English Toffee involves carefully cooking the butter and sugar until they reach the perfect consistency and color, then pouring the mixture onto a flat surface to cool and harden. The result is a candy that is both crunchy and slightly chewy, with a deeply caramelized flavor that is both comforting and decadent.

English Toffee is more than just a candy; it’s a culinary experience that speaks to the heart of traditional sweet-making. Whether enjoyed as a standalone treat or used as an ingredient in desserts, English Toffee offers a taste of elegance and time-honored flavor that is cherished by candy lovers of all ages.

Everlasting Gobstopper

The Everlasting Gobstopper is a candy that captures the imagination and tantalizes the taste buds with its promise of a never-ending flavor journey. First popularized in Roald Dahl’s famous novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the Everlasting Gobstopper has since leaped from the pages of fiction into the real world, becoming a beloved treat for those who enjoy a long-lasting candy experience.

The allure of the Everlasting Gobstopper lies in its multi-layered composition. Each gobstopper is a marvel of confectionery engineering, consisting of several layers of flavored hard candy. As one layer dissolves, it reveals the next, offering a continuously evolving taste experience. The key characteristics of this candy include:

Rock-Hard Consistency:

Designed to last for a very long time, providing prolonged enjoyment.

Vibrant Colors:

Each layer is a different color, adding a visual element to the candy-eating experience.

Variety of Flavors:

The layers are not just visually distinct but also offer a range of flavors, making each stage of the gobstopper a new taste adventure.

The concept of the Everlasting Gobstopper became a reality in 1976 when it was first produced by Breaker Confections (now part of the Ferrara Candy Company). This candy has since become a staple in candy stores and a favorite among children and adults alike, especially those who are fans of the Willy Wonka brand.

Beyond its taste and novelty, the Everlasting Gobstopper represents a piece of pop culture and the joy of childhood wonder. It’s a candy that encourages patience and savors the experience, as each layer slowly unveils its secrets. For those who grew up reading Dahl’s stories or watching “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” the Everlasting Gobstopper is a nostalgic treat that brings a piece of fiction to life.

In the world of candies that start with ‘E’, the Everlasting Gobstopper stands out as a symbol of creativity, endurance, and the magic of confectionery. It’s a candy that promises and delivers an everlasting adventure in every bite.

Eclipse Mints

Eclipse Mints, a modern addition to the candy world, have quickly become a staple for those seeking a refreshing, minty burst in a compact form. Introduced by the Wrigley Company in 1999, these mints have carved out a niche for themselves in the realm of breath-freshening candies, combining powerful flavor with convenience.

The appeal of Eclipse Mints lies in their potent freshness and the sleek, portable packaging, making them a popular choice for people on the go. Key features of these mints include:

Powerful Freshness:

Each mint is designed to deliver a strong, refreshing taste, effectively combating bad breath.

Sugar-Free Composition:

Eclipse Mints are sugar-free, appealing to health-conscious consumers looking for a guilt-free way to freshen their breath.

Variety of Flavors:

While traditionally mint-flavored, Eclipse Mints come in several varieties, including spearmint, peppermint, winterfrost, and even fruity options like orange and cinnamon.

Eclipse Mints gained additional recognition when their sugar-free gum version received approval from the American Dental Association. This endorsement highlights the mints’ effectiveness in not just freshening breath but also in promoting oral health, particularly in reducing the risk of tooth decay.

The sleek and discreet packaging of Eclipse Mints is another aspect that adds to their appeal. The small, durable containers fit easily into a pocket or purse, making them a convenient option for freshening breath on the go.

In the landscape of candies that start with ‘E’, Eclipse Mints stand out for their practicality and effectiveness. They are not just a candy but a functional product that meets the needs of contemporary life. Whether it’s for a quick refreshment after a meal or to ensure confidence before a meeting, Eclipse Mints offer a burst of freshness anytime, anywhere.

Easter Egg Candy

Easter Egg Candy is a delightful symbol of spring and a centerpiece in the celebration of Easter. These candies, often shaped like eggs and adorned in vibrant colors, encapsulate the joy and renewal associated with the season. From chocolate eggs wrapped in colorful foils to jelly beans and marshmallow treats, Easter Egg Candy comes in a myriad of forms, each adding its unique flavor and charm to Easter baskets and festivities.

The tradition of Easter Egg Candy is steeped in the symbolism of eggs representing new life and rebirth, themes central to the Easter holiday. The variety of Easter Egg Candies available includes:

Chocolate Eggs:

Perhaps the most classic form, these range from solid chocolate to hollow eggs filled with various treats or creams.

Jelly Beans:

A staple in Easter baskets, known for their bright colors and fruity flavors.

Marshmallow Treats:

Soft, sugary confections often shaped like eggs or Easter-themed figures.

Two of the most popular brands in the Easter Egg Candy category are Reese’s Egg and Cadbury Crème Eggs. Reese’s Egg offers a delightful combination of chocolate and peanut butter, while Cadbury Crème Eggs are famous for their hard chocolate shell and gooey fondant center, mimicking an actual egg. Other notable varieties include Starburst’s Easter Jelly Beans and Peeps Marshmallow Chicks, each bringing a unique taste and texture to the Easter candy assortment.

Easter Egg Candy is not just a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes. The bright and cheerful packaging, often in pastel shades, adds to the festive spirit of the season. These candies are a focal point in Easter egg hunts and decorations, making them integral to the holiday’s celebrations.

In the realm of candies that start with ‘E’, Easter Egg Candy stands out for its cultural significance and the joy it brings to both children and adults. It’s a category that combines creativity, tradition, and a sense of community, embodying the spirit of Easter in every colorful, sweet bite.


E-ma, a unique entry in the world of candies, offers a blend of sweetness and health benefits, making it stand out from traditional confectionery treats. Originating from Japan, E-ma candies are known for their soothing properties and are often categorized as throat lozenges, providing a pleasant way to ease throat discomfort.

The distinctiveness of E-ma lies in its composition and purpose. These candies are not just about offering a sweet treat; they are designed to provide relief and comfort for the throat. Key features of E-ma include:

Fruit Purees:

E-ma candies are made with real fruit purees, giving them a natural and refreshing fruit flavor.

Vitamin Enrichment:

They are infused with low dosages of vitamins A, C, and D, adding a healthful aspect to the candy.

Soothing Texture:

The candies have a smooth, hard texture that is soothing to suck on, providing relief for irritated throats.

E-ma comes in a variety of fruit flavors, catering to different taste preferences. Some of the popular flavors include juicy grape, Kumamoto Strawberry, fresh lemon, green apple, Aomori Shiny Apple, and an exotic Rose & Mango Flavor. The variety of flavors, combined with the health benefits, makes E-ma a popular choice for those seeking a candy that is both enjoyable and beneficial.

E-ma has a cute packaging that is convenient for carrying around, making these candies a handy option for people who need throat relief on the go.

In the landscape of candies that start with ‘E’, E-ma occupies a unique position. It bridges the gap between confectionery and health products, offering a sweet treat that also cares for your well-being. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing candy or a gentle way to soothe your throat, E-ma provides a delightful and health-conscious choice.

Elderberry Gummies

Elderberry Gummies represent a fusion of health and sweetness, a trend increasingly popular in the world of confectionery. Manufacturers create these gummies using highly nutritious elderberries, renowned for their antioxidant properties and immune-boosting benefits. In the realm of candies that start with ‘E’, Elderberry Gummies stand out for their health-promoting qualities, offering a delicious way to support overall wellness.

Various cultures have used elderberries for their medicinal properties for centuries. The transition of this superfruit into the form of a candy, particularly gummies, has made its benefits more accessible and enjoyable, especially for children. Key aspects of Elderberry Gummies include:

Rich in Antioxidants:

Elderberries, known for their high antioxidant content, actively fight free radicals and support the immune system.


These gummies often contain added vitamins, such as Vitamin C and Zinc, enhancing their health benefits.

Delicious Taste:

Despite their health benefits, Elderberry Gummies do not compromise on taste, offering a sweet and fruity flavor that is appealing to all ages.

Elderberry Gummies are not only beneficial for health but also convenient to consume. They provide a simple and enjoyable way to incorporate the goodness of elderberries into one’s daily routine. This aspect is particularly appealing for parents looking for healthy snack options for their children.

Another variant in this category is the Elderberry hard candy drops, manufactured by companies like Chesebro’s Confections. These also offer health benefits as an alternative for those who prefer a different texture in their candies.

Discover more about the health benefits of elderberries and how they contribute to overall wellness.


The world of candies is vast and varied, with each type offering a unique taste and story. Candies that start with ‘E’ are just a small part of this sweet universe. Whether you’re a fan of the classic English Toffee or the health-conscious Elderberry Gummies, there’s something for everyone in this alphabetically sweet journey.


What is a candy that starts with E?

Eclair Candies: Originally from England, these candies are popular treats combining chewy caramel and milk chocolate.

What candy bar starts with W?

Whatchamacallit: Hershey’s makes this candy bar, known for its peanut-flavored crisp with a layer of caramel and a chocolate coating.

What’s a candy that starts with Q?

Quality Street: A popular assortment of individually wrapped chocolates and toffees, originally produced by Mackintosh’s, now owned by Nestlé.

What chocolate begins with I?

In conclusion, our exploration of Candy That Starts With E has revealed a fascinating array of sweets, each with its own unique story and flavor. From the rich and creamy Eclairs to the healthful Elderberry Gummies, these treats demonstrate the diversity and creativity in the world of confectionery. Whether you’re a candy aficionado or just enjoy an occasional sweet treat, the world of ‘E’ candies offers something delightful for every palate.

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